Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Rosie be hired?
Rosie is typically available within the South of England. Some travel charges may apply if it is a fair distance from Worthing, West Sussex. Please enquire for an exact quote. Please remember there needs to be some outside space for Rosie to park, there will also need to be a power point to plug in to within a short distance.  Rosie will not be suitable for all venues, if in doubt please ask.

How long will Rosie be at my wedding/event?
Rosie can be at your event for any period of time.  We have a minimum hire of 3 hours (when Rosie is being a photo booth) but you can opt to have her set up in the morning to help theme your day at an additional charge, however to protect her interior and the photobooth equipment her doors will be locked during the day and only opened when the photo booth time starts.   Please go to our pricing page for details.

I want Rosie to arrive for my drinks reception but don’t want to use her as a photo booth until later, is this ok?
Yes, as long as you book 3 operational hours, our standard photo booth package, you can add on the prop package too which enables Rosie to be sat there looking fantastic throughout your ceremony and reception (please also read above).

Will silly props be provided?
Of course, a wedding photo booth wouldn’t be a wedding photo booth without them!  We refresh the selection every few weddings.

Will the photos be good quality?
Yes, we have been wedding photographers for 10 years so we know about equipment, lighting and photo technology.  A professional DSLR camera will take the pictures and a strobe light will be used to ensure the best possible results.

Can I use duplicates of the images for my guest book?
We have the latest in photo booth printers which creates a unique 6″x2″ print. This print is duplicated one for the guest book and one for your guest to keep.

Do you provide a guest book?
We always have a guest book handy if you want to use one of ours at no extra cost, however in our experience brides often would like to choose their own. We don’t mind either way, we will set the guest book up on the table outside the caravan (or inside the venue if bad weather) and will provide pritt stick and pens for guests to use.

Do we get the hi-res images?
After the wedding we send you the hi-res images. This includes not only the strips but also each individual image. We also post the strip images on a facebook page for you to share with your friends and guests (optional if you want to keep it private). A typical 3 hour photo booth will generate around 70-80 sessions of 4 photos each (280-320 approx).

How many people can have their photo taken at a time?
Because of her vintage nature and cosy interior there is not a whole lot of space in Rosie. She is most comfortable with 2s and 3s, but can fit up to 6 if the group are happy to be very friendly for a few minutes!  The size of group allowed in the caravan at one time will always be at the discretion of the attendant.

Do you need a power point to operate the photo booth?
Yes!  But the power socket can be inside and up to 20m away.   Our appliances are all PAT Tested.

Do you have insurance to cover accidental damage or injury?
Yes we hold public liability insurance and insurance for accidental damage.  However we do include in our terms and conditions that if damage occurs through misuse or misbehaviour of guests then the hirer will be responsible for the damage.